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There's plenty of pasta to choose from at Foods of Italy! If you're planning on making an authentic Mediterranean meal, stock up with our supplies. From fresh pasta sauces, to speciality oils, we have all you'll need for a tasty treat. Try our tomatoes and herbs to make your own sauce or put our talented chefs to the test by choosing a ready-made, fresh sauce from our homemade Mama's Secrets selection.


Fresh and dried pasta, rice and cous cous:


Our fresh pasta dishes are handmade in-house by our skilled chefs, and include:


- Lasagne

- Spinach and ricotta

- Spaghetti Bolognese

- Olive and mushroom pasta


Our house speciality is Butterfly Farfalle


We also supply fresh pasta from Bertagni with a variety of fillings including:


- Spinach and ricotta

- Truffle and mushroom

- Italian four cheese

- Goat cheese and grilled tomato

- Parma ham tortellini


Foods of Italy also stock good quality dried pasta from the following companies:


- Molisana

- Pezzullo

- Divella


Gluten free pasta is also available.


Our risotto rice is available as arborio or carnaroli (which has a finer consistency). We also stock gnocchi and a variety of Italian cous cous.


Pasta sauce ingredients:

- Passata

- Mutti Pomodoro tomatoes

- Plum and chopped tomatoes


Pasta sauces:

- Metelliana

- Cirio rustica


Readymade Biffi and Agnesi sauces:

- Olive

- Bolognese

- Arrabbiata

- Star GranRagu

- A selection of fresh pasta sauces



- Kalamata

- Boscaiola

- Rustica

- Paesana

- Green olives

- Bella di cerignola


Homemade appetisers:

- Sundried tomatoes

- Aubergines

- Artichokes

- Capers

- Peppers

- Marinated peppers

- Spicy mushrooms


Speciality oils and vinegars:



- Galetti - four year aged balsamic vinegar

- Crema di balsamico



- Colavita

- Tartufolio

- Virgin olive oil

- Extra virgin olive oil

- Truffle oil

- Chilli oil

- Pepaolio

- Lemonolio

- Basilolio

- Garlic oil


Special offer:

Olive oil 1 ltr - £5.99

Olive oil 5 ltr - £16.99


For authentic Italian pasta and sauces, call

01234 213 500