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For tempting cheeses to satisfy your taste buds, pay a visit to our fully stocked cheese counter at Foods of Italy. Our carefully selected cheeses come to us direct from our London-based supplier, well-known for high quality Italian imports. You'll be spoilt for choice with our extensive cheese selection, our friendly team are knowledgeable of each product and can happily offer recommendations if you're looking for something specific.



D.O.P cheeses


The D.O.P (or Denominazione di Origine Protetta, Protected Designation of Origin) was created to protect the names of regional products. It ensures that only items made in particular regions are permitted to use the region's name.


Many of our cheeses are D.O.P accredited, which means you can be sure of quality, authenticity of ingredients and traditional recipes.


- Freshly cut parmesan

- Pecorino Romano

- Taleggio

- Gorgonzola - Dolce  and Piccante

- Asiago

- Mozzarella

- Buffalo mozzarella

- Ricotta

- Fontal / Fontina cheese

- Primo Sale

- Mascarpone

- Dolcelatte

- Bel Paese

- Goat cheese


Our large choice of meats and salami provide something to suit all tastes! We only stock truly original Parma ham - sourced direct from suppliers in Parma, Italy. We take pride in working with Veroni and other Italian supply companies, sourcing the best traditional ingredients and high quality meats.


- Milano salami

mild and succulent

- Napoli salami

spicy and intense

- Picante salami

smoky and spicy

- Coppa salami

both mild and spicy

- Toscano salami

peppery and flavoursome

- Finocchiona

made with fennel

- Spianata Romana

spicy and tasty


Our cooked meats include:


Cooked ham

- Focolare, made with herbs

- Italian, without herbs



Braciole - cured beef fillet

Sliced pepperoni


Our house speciality is Mortadella.

Cured sausage made with herbs and pepper. A strong favourite with Italians.

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